It’s Okay To Be Selfish About Your Wedding

There are many aspects of the wedding about which family members and friends will want to voice an opinion.  It is kind and respectful to listen to these thoughts and suggestions, but ultimately the decisions must be your own, “your own” meaning yours and your fiancée’s.  Don’t hesitate to follow your first instinct and your heart.  This is your day and it should reflect your personalities.

Decide together if you want a casual or fancy event.  Do you want to have a special theme for the day? How large do you want your wedding party to be?  Determine approximately how many guests you would like to invite.  Think about the times you have shared and the music that has been playing.  Discuss where you would enjoy going on your Honeymoon and how long you are able to be gone.

Once the two of you have developed your basic plan you can start discussing details with others and consider their suggestions.  Just make sure that everyone understands that the final decisions are going to be made by the two of you.  Standing strong together will be a great start to your partnership while assuring that your day will be perfectly to your liking.

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