Beach Themed Wedding

If you cannot go to the beach then bring the feeling of the beach to you. Book your wedding in a place that has a lake or a pool. Places such as a country club, club house, park, reservoir or marina. If you do not want to surround yourself with water then try a gazebo or a wedding arch decorated with lots of bright beautiful tropical flowers with a little sand in front of it surrounded by tiki torches. Set your refreshment table up to look like a tiki bar. Decorate with cool blues and greens and a burst of bright tropical colors. Set Hawaiian leis around for your guests to pick up.

Play a little Jimmy Buffet or Hawaiian music to set the mood. Make the food for the reception bright and colorful. Fruit punch, five cup fruit salad with colored marshmallows, tropical fruit, coconut shrimp, etc. If you plan to leave the wedding party behind for a tropical honeymoon you might create a wish list for your guests and list your itinerary of places you want visit and things you want to do. Your family and friends can put a honeymoon package together for you and help take care of the expense as a wedding gift.


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