Dolphin Themed Wedding

dolphin ice sculpture

The Indianapolis Zoo has a spectacular underwater dolphin pavilion that is a perfect setting for a wedding. How awesome would it be to have these magnificent creatures swim all around you and your guests, in a glassed off pavilion, as you exchange your vows. They have an adjacent banquet room for a wedding reception so you can continue to enjoy the view. You could decorate in a nautical theme with a dolphin ice sculpture as a center piece.
Dolphins have played a vital role, through out many centuries, in reminding humans of their connection with the divine. They express the qualities of pure joy, playfulness, unconditionally love and gentleness.
Dolphins have been considered the “kingfish” by many cultures due to their kingly and gracious qualities in their reign. Christian symbolism conveys the dolphin as an aspect of Christ. These gentle creatures convey a sense of wellbeing and purity of heart.

Suggested Vows for Dancing Like Dolphins

Let us dance like the dolphins in our journey together through time. May we always be playful, joyful, compassionate, good natured and kind. When life is not always smooth sailing, may we still find humor to cheer us through. We shall be adventurous and embrace what God has in store for us while always remaining a close and trusted companion for one another. May we never loose the pure unconditional love that we share here today, as we continue to nurture one another towards the divine.


Biker Themed Wedding

This style of wedding can be a mixture of leather and lace. This is the kind of ceremony that is a little rough around the edges with a touch of class. The wedding couple can ride up on their motorcycle which will then be used as a focal point and the backdrop for their vows. A hand binding ceremony might be a nice touch. Invite your guests to dress in jeans, boots, t-shirts bandanas and any type of motorcycle apparel. If most of your guests plan to arrive at the wedding site on motorcycles it makes it all the better. There is nothing like a display of cycles to set the mood for this happy event. If you are die hard bikers then you need no suggestions here. You just need a minister which we can easily provide.  Our own Reverend Lee Ann Cornell is officiating this ceremony.